Orebic is a place in the region of Dubrovnik. Orebic, located on the Peninsula Peljesac has become a very popular Croatian travel destination. In Orebic the sun shines all day long and you will think it is summer everyday!

How to get to Orebic

If you are traveling to Orebic from other parts of Croatia you may drive taking a coastal path or a car ferry. Dubrovnik and Split are the closest airports to Orebic. Once you fly into either of these locations you may take a bus or a boat to the Peninsula Peljesac. If you choose to travel by ship you may sail to Korcula where ferries frequently leave for Orebic. You may also take a passenger boat if you prefer.

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History of Orebic

Orebic is also referred to as the "town of the sea captains." The name Orebic comes from the name Orebici which was the name of a 16th century family of sea captains. The town was originally set up as a fort for protection from the Turks.

What to see in Orebic

  • Franciscan Monastery- The walls of this former monastery were part of the original fort. Today the monastery houses a museum and is a great observation point.
  • The Monastery of Our Lady of Karmen- This is a popular destination to walk to and the cemetery has a great view of the island of Korcula.
  • Maritime Museum- The Maritime museum is for those who love the sea and features models and paintings of boats and boating equipment.

Excursions in the region of Orebic

The Church of Our Lady of the Angels built in the 16th century is a popular excursion destination. Most people prefer to walk through the breathtakingly beautiful dense pine forests to reach this destination which is 498 feet above sea level.

Sports & leisure opportunities in Orebic

Popular sports in Orebic include

  • windsurfing,
  • sailing,
  • hiking and tennis.

Orebic is a popular hunting destination for rabbit and boar hunters.

Beaches in Orebic

Trstenica is Orebic’s most popular beach. The long beach consists of pebble and sand and is just a 20 minute walk from the ferry. Featuring many cafes and bars the beach is sure to be a hit with children and adults.

Where to eat in Orebic

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Where to stay in Orebic

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Nightlife and entertainment in Orebic

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Cultural events in Orebic

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