Nature is stunning in Croatia and much is done to preserve it, so it is obvious that visitors are expected to contribute in all possible ways to do the same. The biggest impact a tourist can make on the destruction of nature is to start a fire. Take your litter with you. The country has several nature reserves and is making an effort to safe wild life and nature. Flora Fauna Landscape Sea life and Mountain regions.

Main National Parks will described here shortly.

Main Nature Parks will described here shortly.

  • Biokovo Nature Park is a massif overhanging the Makarska Riviera, between Dubrovnik and Split. It offers breathtaking views to the islands of Brač and Hvar.
  • Kopački Rit is located on Croatia’s eastern border, where the river Drava opens into the Danube. A beautiful area of swampland with remarkable bird and plant life, dear and wild boar.
  • Lastovo Nature Park is located in Southern Dalmatia and the youngest natural park of Croatia
  • Lonjsko polje Nature Park running along Sava river in the region of Slavonia is one of the largest swamps in Europe, with extraordinary possibilities for birdwatching and large oak forests.
  • Medvednica Nature Park, north of the Croatian capital, which is the main mountainous region for leisure for inhabitants of Zagreb, is easy to reach and an attractive alternative to some of the main national mountain parks.
  • Papuk Nature Park is the largest mountain of eastern Slavonia. At under 1000 m high it has lovely mountains to walk in and you can bath in thermal baths.
  • Telašćica Nature Park, where Croatia’s largest cliffs are found, and is a popular destination mostly for tourists.
  • Učka Nature Park is in Istria, with great views onto Rijeka and the islands of the Kvarner Bay, is a good destination for a day trip.
  • Velebit Nature Park stretches from Senj to Zadar and is over 100 km long. A karst region, it has stunning mountains, gardens and the largest vertical shaft in the world- which drops down 553km, as well as other caves.
  • Vransko jezero Nature Park In northern Dalmatia you can find the largest Croatian lake, which is an ornithological paradise and a remarkable fish life in areas where freshwater and seawater mix.
  • Zumberak-Samoborsko gorje Nature Park streches along the border to Slovenija in the southwest of region Zagreb
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