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It is with 9.000 inhabitants the largest place on the island. Mali Losinj is embedded in the bay of the Augustus. It is the largest, closed bay in the Kvarner area. Mali Losinj is the most important touristic and economic center of the Losinj Island and at the same time the principal place of the island. It offers a broad touristic offer of accommodations, sport and recovery possibilities. The city Mali Losinj is the largest island city in the whole Adria.

Here is Mali Losinj located

<googlemap lat="45.313529" lon="13.842773" zoom="7" controls="large" selector="yes" overview="yes" width="500" height="300">
44.532615,14.469509,Here is Mali Losinj. Use the mouse and the +/- buttons on the left to navigate within the map.

How to get to Mali Losinj

Mali Lošinj

On the island of Losinj it is possible to come in the next few ways:

  • by Car -from the Cres Island on resuming the drive by car following the traffic signs which will certainly bring you to the desired destinations.

The catamaran is exclusively for passengers – no group tours.

Map of Mali Losinj

<googlemap lat="44.532615" lon="14.469509" zoom="15" controls="large" selector="yes" overview="yes" width="800" height="450"></googlemap>

Pictures of Mali Losinj

Image:PICT7641-1 bearbeitet-2.jpg|Bay Mali Losinj
Image:©reini007707.jpg|Mali Losinj
Image:©reini007706.jpg|Mali Losinj
Image:©reini007704.jpg|Mali Losinj
Image:©reini007702.jpg|Mali Losinj
Image:©reini007703.jpg|Mali Losinj
Image:144.jpg|Mali Losinj
Image:133.JPG|in Port
Image:©reini007701.jpg|Palms-Mali Losinj
Image:155.JPG|View from port

History of Mali Losinj

Amblem of Mali Losinj

The initial steps of Mali Losinj began long after the much smaller city Veli Losinj, in the 12th Century, when 12 Croatian families, coming from Hungary, before fleeing from the Mongols have settled in the small bay of St. Martin. The new settlers first operated crop and livestock breeding and built their houses off the coast. The Losinjer began with the shipbuilding, which is today next to the tourism, an economic backbone of the city.

The favorable climate conditions, the construction of hotels and guest houses, apartments and holiday homes, the establishment of the forests and beaches, have an intensive development of the tourism. In 1892 the city Losinj became by a regulation of the Ministry of Health of the Austria-Hungarian monarchy a healthy resort. Up to that time Mali Losinj was an ordinary place but at the end of the 18th Ct. with his boat yards and the shipping school has a certain significance. From the 19th Century the "Losinjer sailor" are a very popular sailing ships. The change in shipping, brought the transition from the sailing boat to steam ship, and also has affected the fate of the port cities.

We know the Cikat Bay, with the first built Hotel Alhambra in 1902.

Today, thanks to the mild climate, Mali Losinj is an appreciated place of tourists from Europe. Here are the most beautiful bays, beaches and landscapes with pine forests.

What to see in Mali Losinj

  • Palace Museum in the Kvarner – here is exposed the statue Apoksiomen for which it is assumed that originates from the 1st or 2nd century b.Cr.
  • St. Martin – dates from 1450 year, today is located in the cemetery.
  • Annunciation church Holy Virgin Mary – was built in 1534 year in the place where they met and left LoSinj sailboats. Today, when the ship sound a siren, we know that the skipper of Lošinjs greeting.

In the city there are also the art collection of Andro Vida and Katarina Mihicic and the older collections of the master Piperat. This collection includes 20 oil paintings, watercolors and French, Italian and Dutch artists from the 17th and 18 century. Church of St. Nicholas from 1857 is dedicated to St. Nicholas, the bishop and the patron saint of sailors and travelers. A newly discovered attraction is the Apoksiomen. It is an ancient bronze sculpture of a Greek athlete in natural size. This comes from the underwater world of Losinj.

Excursions in the region of Mali Losinj

Numerous bays provide unlimited opportunities one-boat trips, and most are trips to the islands of the archipelago Losinj:

as well as the neighboring islands:

On the island of Losinj are regularly organized walking tours, of which the most attractive one is on the coast, through thick pine forest by serpentine paths, as well as the picturesque villages.

  • On the narrow asphalt road over the crest of the island to the south to the bay Mrtvaska (walk about 2.5 to 3 hours in one direction). It should be a trip to a small chapel to refrain from Sveti Ivan (great view of Veli Losinj and Rovenska).
  • Along the promenade by the roadside Valdarke Bay in Mali Losinj after Veli Losinj and Rovenska, with proper condition to the remote bays Javorna, Kriska and Jamna.
  • Cikat hike from the bay, along the Srebrna Uvala (Silver Bay) and the Golden Uvala (Golden Bay) to shallow southern port entrance Prolaz Most (Boka Falsa). From there, you have (besides the return on the same path) the election, along the long harbor basin to Mali Losinj to walk or through the pine forest on Mount Baston to hike.
  • From Nerezine-from place to get through an approximately 1.5 hours hiking trip on the nearly 600 m high Televrin

Accomodations in Mali Losinj

Hotels in Mali Losinj

Camping in Mali Losinj

Private accomodations in Mali Losinj


>> More apartments in Mali Losinj can be found here.

Weather in Mali Losinj

Below you see the current weather forecast for Mali Losinj. The climate table of Mali Losinj tells you which temperatures can be expected for each month.

Current weather in Mali Losinj and a 7-day weather forecast for Mali Losinj


Climate in Mali Losinj

Climate in Mali Losinj
Max. Temperature
Min. Temperature
Hours of Sunshine
Rainy Days
Water temperature of the Adriatic Sea

Sports & leisure opportunities in Mali Losinj

Sunbird-sports center is located in the bay Cikat in Mali Losinj, on the beach of the hotel Bellevue. The center offers a wide choice of sports and recreational activities such as:

  • Surfing school for beginners and advanced, and for children
  • Rent surfing and accessories
  • Sailing – trial course, the basic course and advanced course
  • Sailing boats
  • Rent bicycles – Mountain & Citybikes
  • Biking

Mali Losinj also become a popular destination for mountain bikers. A roughly 30 km long runway of medium difficulty starts at the waterfront in Mali Losinj, from where the famous bays (Golden Bay, Silver Bay, Cikat Bay, sun-bay) can be reached.

  • Camping Cikat-Diving courses, surf courses, football field, bicycle rental.

Where to eat in Mali Losinj

There is a wide range of restaurants, taverns and other catering establishments that with many dishes with international and national menus offer specific dishes of an authentic island cuisine, specialties from the seafoods, and various dishes made according to the old recipes with a various aromatic herbs and homemade olive oil. Some of the restaurants in Mali Losinj are:

  • Restaurant NINO, Mali Losinj
  • Tavern ODISEJ, Mali Losinj
  • Pizzeria ORHIDEJA, Mali Losinj
  • PALACE Inn, Mali Losinj
  • Snack bar PLITVICE, Mali Losinj
  • Buffet PORTO, Mali Losinj
  • Restaurant PRIVLAKA, Mali Losinj
  • Restaurant RIVA, Mali Losinj
  • Tavern SILVANA, Mali Losinj
  • Pizzeria VALENTINO, Mali Losinj
  • Buffet VELA PORT, Mali Losinj
  • Restaurant VELI ŽAL, Mali Losinj

Beaches in Mali Losinj

Already at Tito’s times were chosen the coves Cikat and Suncana as the ideal locations for tourism. There are also hotels and a number of campsites.

Today, the bays with their hotels and holiday homes have all tourist facilities. Whether diving, surfing, sailing, biking, a real sandy beach in this idyllic bay is where the tourists come for a quiet relaxation.

Peninsula and bay Cikat

The Bay of Cikat is the pearl of the island of Losinj. It is surrounded by dense Mediterranean pine forests, the hotel buildings and hotels with classical architecture a "hint of Viennese Waltz". Spend your vacation, surrounded by century-old forests, in the Bay of dreams with a deep blue sea.

• the distance to the town center is: 1000 m

• pebbly beach, paved beach, rocky beach

  • In the Cikat Bay is a sandy beach, ideal for small children

From the Cikat Bay, the port of Mali Losinj can be reached with an entertaining walk through a park in about 15 minutes.

  • Suncana bay

The Suncana Uvala is located under the hotels Aurora and Vespera. The beaches are mostly rocky, but there are also some smaller gravel sections.

Blue Flag beaches in Mali Losinj

  • Plaza Veli zal – Suncana uvala

by thick pine forest surrounded shingle and rocky beach in the bay Suncana in Mali Losinj, about 1 km from the town center. Restaurant and Cafe are placed directly on the beach.

  • Punta Beach

Rocky beach with concrete plateau in a sheltered bay, in Veli Losinj, about 500 meters from the town center.

Nightlife and entertainment in Mali Losinj

In Mali Losinj will certainly have fun, both tourists and visitors. During the summer months here is plenty of fun, whether you are on just one of many terraces on which is the music and dancing, or in one of the night bars. For all those who love the nightlife until early morning, here are disco clubs where you will surely spend unforgettable moments in dance, entertainment and having fun:

  • Energy,
  • Coctail bar
  • Priko,
  • Zanzibar,
  • Šarky Pub

Cultural events in Mali Losinj

During the summer, on the whole island are held various cultural and entertainment events and entertainment sometimes can be found on the streets of the city.

  • Fishermen games – held in sunny bay
  • Fun program – in the bay of St.Martin
  • On 8 September, celebrates the small Virgin Mary.
  • On 11.November, celebrates the patron Saint Martin.

Videos of Mali Losinj

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