Liznjan is a place in Istria, in the region of PulaMedulin. Situated along the Adriatic Coast, Liznjan has all the benefits of the region without all the crowds of other major tourist destinations. Primarily a fishing village, Liznjan is a great spot for guests looking for an experience off the beaten path.

Pictures of Liznjan

How to get to Liznjan

Though Liznjan is a smaller village, it is on a main road heading north from Medulin. Visitors can arrive via bus, boat, or car.

Here is Liznjan located

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History of Liznjan

Liznjan’s recorded history begins with a plate dating back to the 10th century. The plate has early Croatian markings and was found in the bay area. Like much of Croatia, Liznjan saw various rulers throughout history, including the Venetians and the Slavs.

What to see in Liznjan

  • Church of Lady of Kuje: This structure, erected in the 17th century, is home to religious artifacts and archeological finds. Visitors will especially enjoy looking at the remains of a tile mosaic floor, now covered with glass.

Where to stay in Liznjan

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Hotels in Liznjan

Camping sites in Liznjan

Private accomodations in Liznjan

Sports & leisure opportunities in Liznjan

  • Diving: The waters of the Kuje Bay by which Liznjan is situated are ideal for diving and tourists can enjoy the underwater coast along with the action above ground.
  • Horseback riding: Since much of the area is based on agricultural trades, guests have the opportunity to explore the area via horseback.

Beaches in Liznjan

  • Marlera: This beach is just south of Liznjan. The rocky shores look out over the waters with the island of Levan on the horizon.
  • Kuje/Cuvi: Located right off the marina in Liznjan, this beach is grassy to the shore. With restaurants and bars nearby, Kuje/Cuvi is a convenient getaway dotted with trees. A paved area has been added as a starting point for water activities.

Where to eat in Liznjan

  • Galiola: Located in the heart of Liznjan, this is a must-eat for guests. Galiola is well known for its tasteful pastas and spectacular scampi.
  • Bak: With traditional cuisine, Bak offers tourists with a great glimpse of authentic Croatian culture. Since it is more affordable than Galiola, it is a great option for families.
  • Bura Beach Bar: This new establishment was built near the sea and takes advantage of its prime location. With eco-friendly touches, the bar even has hammocks for patrons to enjoy while they eat, drink, and relax.

Nightlife and entertainment in Liznjan

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Cultural events in Liznjan

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Excursions in the region of Liznjan

  • Island of Levan: This island is a short way off the coast from Liznjan and is easily accessible to visitors. Guests can enjoy the beaches the eateries on Levan for a pleasant day trip.

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