Kastel Stari

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Kastel Stari is a town in Dalmatia (Croatia). In a country with the extensive history and with as many picturesque beaches and landscapes as Croatia, it might be hard for some towns to stand out. But Kastel Stari manages to do just that. As the oldest settlement on the Kastela Riviera, Kastel Stari has been attracting visitors for centuries with is delectable food and drink and its peaceful seaside views.

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How to get to Kastel Stari

At least two major roads go through the Kastela Riviera and tourists can find their way to Kastel Stari starting from cities such as Zagreb or Split. There is also some bus and boat service to the area.

Here is Kastel Stari located

<googlemap lat="44.182204" lon="16.270996" zoom="6" controls="big" width="500" height="300">
43.55,16.35,Here is Kastel Stari. Use the mouse and the +/- buttons on the left to navigate within the map.
Use the mouse and the +/- buttons on the left to navigate within the map of Kastel Stari.

History of Kastel Stari

Though the entire Kastela Riviera has a long history, Kastel Stari is known to be the oldest of all seven settlements. The Romans used the Riviera for its coastal access and used floating docks for ship access. During Venetian rule in Croatia, Kastel Stari in particular was a popular retreat for the wealthy.

What to see in Kastel Stari

Castle in the Sea: Constructed in the sixteenth century, this structure was part fortress and part palace. With a prominent place on the coastline, it was built as a line of defense against intruders but is now a tourist attraction.

Excursions in the region of Kastel Stari

  • Kastela Riviera: The other six settlements on the Riviera each have their own distinctive qualities that make for a worthwhile day trip. Some feature certain architectural wonders, others have museums, and there are beaches to enjoy at each.
  • Split: As a bigger city, Split is an easy day trip from the Kastela Riviera and would provide tourists with more entertainment options and more historical and cultural sights to see.

Sports & leisure opportunities in Kastel Stari

  • Water sports: Along the beach there are various rental shops where tourists can rent equipment to use on the gorgeous waters. With a selection ranging from boating to paragliding, there are plenty of choices to entertain even the most ambitious sportsman.
  • Tennis: This village also has a recreational complex that features tennis courts available for guest use among other recreational activities.

Beaches in Kastel Stari

The beach front in Kastel Stari is well developed with peaceful walkways for people to stroll. Ideal for sunbathing and sightseeing, the beach at Kastel Stari is a pleasant experience.

Where to eat in Kastel Stari

Kastel Stari has a number of restaurants and cafes for visitors to eat at during their stay. Many feature local cuisine and, of course, seafood.

Where to stay in Kastel Stari

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Nightlife and entertainment in Kastel Stari

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Cultural events in Kastel Stari

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