An ancient Roman settlement, Buje, kept its medieval structure. Buje (Buie) is a small locality in north Istris. The environment of Buje (3,250 inhabitants) is particularly coined/shaped by intensive viticulture and agriculture. The place lays on a hill and it is appropriate for 222 m over the sea level.

>== How to get to Buje==

Buje lies traffic-favorably in the northwest Istria directly at the roads after Pazin and Pula. If you come over the road of Umag and turn at the first traffic light left, you’ll arrive in the center, where are also parking possibilities.

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Insight into history of Buje

In Roman times the settlement was called Bullea. In the old part of town is the medieval structure with central place, close lanes and town walls (in 15. and 17. ct. restored) with medieval military towers is preserved to this day.

What to see in Buje

Visit the church of St. Servelus with a beautiful wooden statues from the 15th century, or the Venetian Gothic palace and a 16th century loggia as well as St. Mary church, and the Civic Museum.
The Gothic palace at the main place with painted front is particularly interesting. On the same place is the parish church of St. Servulus from 16. Ct., which was probably established on the foundation walls of a Roman temple (with immured fragments of Roman and early-medieval columns and inscriptions). In the church are kept carved sculptures of the nut/mother God with a child (15. Ct.), a wood sculpture of st. Barbara (15. Ct.), sculptures st. Servulus and st. Sebastian (works of Giovanni Marchiri from the year 1737), a baroque painting with the landscape of Buje (18 Ct.), a large organ with silver whistles as well as measuring instrument keeps. The church tower (50 m high) from the 16. Ct. stands separately from the church. Outside the walls is lying the church of St. Mary. From the end of 15. Ct. are the Gothic sculpture of St. Mary made of wood, the gilded Renaissance iron door (16. Ct.), and a Pietŕ (Tempera on wood) with Byzantine characteristics (15. Ct.), as well as eight paintings with Biblical scenes (works of Gaspar della Vecchia from the beginning of 18. Ct.) that are worth visiting. In the city, the museum with an ethnographic collection and an interesting exhibition of traditional handicrafts, can be visited.

Ethnographic museum-
This small museum is alternately opened from 17-20 o’clock (Mo/Mi/Fr) and from 9-13 o’clock (Di/Do/Sa) and lies in the Ulica Prvoga Svibnja. Agricultural devices and traditional everyday life articles are issued. Beside the museum is placed Trg Slobode (the liberty square), which has a beautiful prospect and lies up to the sea. Crkva sports association Marija This again reconditioned church originates from that 15. Jh. and impresses 18 with its holzgetäfelten cover and before all eight large wall paintings of Gaspare della Vecchia from that. Jh. Crkva sports association Marija Trg sports association Servola On the place of the same name this parish church from that is to 16. Jh. old person Roman Relikte let assume that in same place a Roman temple stood. In the interior wood sculptures are and a baroque painting with the suitable title “opinion of Buje” The bell tower originates from the year 1480.

Places of excursions near Buje

The wine village Brtonigla is appropriate below Buje direction Novigrad. There is a view of the again-baroque Zenonkirche is worthwhile itself and the different grave chapels. In addition here the well-known sculptor Aleksandar Rukavina lived, in whose house now a gallery was furnished.

Further trip goals are:

Sports & leisure time in Buje

simply and favorably Pod Voltom The restaurant lies directly with the museum and is very nice and favorable.
Oliva, Verdieva The Oliva is a typical Konoba Bujes. Two simple taverns are the cafe Istra and the Bistro Hajduk.
elevated Asarea very pleasantly; leckere fish courts and lamb specialities

Beaches in Buje

Nightlife and entertaining in Buje

Cultural arrangements in Buje

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