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>== Pictures of Brsec== provides the only substantial photo collection of Brsec and surroundings. Enjoy hundreds of photos snapped through several decades!

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How to get to Brsec

• Car
• Bus
• Train + bus
• Aeroplane to Pula + bus

Here is Brsec located

Use the mouse and the +/- buttons on the left to navigate within the map of Brsec.

Sports & leisure opportunities in Brsec

Walkaround, Trekking, bicycling….you name it. The combination of a high mountain ridge and a blue Sea provides a palette of many possibilities.

Where to stay in Brsec

Nightlife and entertainment in Brsec

The restaurant is the only official public nightlife “flypaper”.
People are otherwise sitting outside in the starry summer evenings…..gossiping, eating, drinking, philosophing and doing naughty things :-)…..a fingerprint of humanity. No wonder, look at these images and you’ll understand

Cultural events in Brsec

  • Calendar of arrangements for the region near Brsec

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