ACI Marina Korcula

  • Marina Korcula lies in the east of the town Korčula.

>== Informations above ACI Marina Korcula ==

  • opened all year round
  • 159 berths and 16 boat places on land
  • N 42°57,6′, E 17°08,4′
  • VHF 17

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Here is the ACI Marina Korcula located

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How to get to ACI Marina Korcula

over land

over sea

Pictures of ACI Marina Korcula

Service at ACI Marina Korcula

  • 10t-lift
  • filling station in ½ sm distance
  • technical service
  • power supply
  • water supply
  • car parking
  • store with equipment for boats
  • supermarket
  • laundry
  • check in
  • exchange
  • sanitary rooms
  • restaurant

Address and contact to ACI Marina Korcula

  • ACI Korčula
20 260 Korčula
Tel: 020 / 711 – 661
Email: [email protected]


Harbour Master’s of ACI Marina Korcula

Tel: 020 / 418 – 988
Fax: 020 / 418 – 987
020 / 741 007

Seamaps for the region of ACI Marina Korcula

  • Seamaps of the croatian Hydrographic institut Split

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