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A wireless router has ports with the back and one adjustable antenna.

You may use a USB network adapter to connect some Pc to an Ethernet wireless router. However, you need to configure the router and the USB network adapter to operate the same network name (SSID) plus key. You may possibly additionally need to put in drivers with the USB network adapter to work properly. The drivers should be included with the USB network adapter.

Tolerably Uncomplicated

things you’ll need:

USB network adapter
Installation CD for USB network adapter
Ethernet wireless router
Ethernet cable

Configure the Router

1 Link the Ethernet cable from the computer to one of the LAN ports on the router. The router should already be hooked awake to the Online via some DSL or cable modem.

2 Open up any Web browser, consequently type in the address for the router use. It should be in the format “192.169.X.X.” See your user’s guide to the certain Internet address. Once you enter the address also press “Get into,” you may be prompted to log on. To many wireless routers, the default user identify also password is “admin” and “password.” See your user’s manual to particular login information.

3 Click on “Wireless” to admittance the fundamental wireless settings. On some routers, this may in addition be “Essential Settings” below a Wireless heading.

4 Change the “SSID” to your desired network name.

5 Click on “Security,” which is commonly under the “Wireless” heading.

6 Pick out the type of security encryption you desire, then enter your desired network key. Conserve the changes and disconnect the computer from the router.

Configure the USB connection

1 Insert the installation CD for the USB network adapter into the CD drive of the computer. Any setup wizard will automatically run.

2 Install the drivers with the USB network adapter using the setup wizard. Click on “Install” or “Install Drivers,” in that case follow the prompts to install the driver.

3 Plug in the USB network adapter to an available USB port. If prompted by Windows to install the hardware, only keep pressing “Next” to install the hardware. You may want to restart the computer to complete installation.

4 Open the wireless use for the USB network adapter. The installation software contains a utility to manage the USB network adapter instead of the Windows Wireless Utility. The wireless utility may be opened by clicking on the icon in the system icon tray, in the bottom correct corner of the desktop.

5 Select your network out of the list of accessible networks by double-clicking on it. Enter the security key to connect to the network.

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