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Beads include been preferred for hundreds of years and can be seen on fashion runways all over the world. Some way to showcase your personal style along by means of your crafting ability is to create your own beaded eyeglass holders. Through any few tools, some colorful beads and three simple techniques, you may create custom-designed eyeglass holders to yourself and your friends.

Moderately Easy


things you’ll need:

Put together for Beading

1 Sort your beads plus create a pattern for a beaded lanyard to hold the glasses. You may pick out to string beads to the full length of the lanyard or to operate fewer beads in a decorative pattern.

2 Decide the way in which considerably of the beading thread, named Tiger Tail, will exhibit within your pattern. If you use colored thread also would for instance the color to present through, you will require spacer beads to handle the other beads in place.

4 Thread 1 end of the Tiger Tail through some crimp bead. Then, depending on which type of eyeglass holder you have, feed it by means of 1 of the 2 rubber loops or the great beaded end of the holder.

5 After you have the glasses holder threaded, pull the Tiger Tail back through the crimp bead again. The crimp bead, as thems title advocates, maintains the Tiger Tail away from arriving out of the eyeglasses holder and will keep the lanyard together.

6 Progress the crimp bead until it is snugly nestled next to the glasses holder bit. Make use of the crimp pliers to crimp the bead almost flat.

7 Available the crimp pliers and reposition them on the part edges of the just about flat crimp also crimp once again. You need the crimp to strongly encase the Tiger Tail, although you desire the crimp bead itself to be rounded, not flat.

8 Check that the crimp bead yous holding securely and then use the wire cutters to snip the end of the Tiger Tail to just 1/4 of an inch.

Make the Lanyard

1 String the beads on the Tiger Tail within the pattern you need selected.

2 Thread more beads than you imagine you will need; it is easier to remove beads in the last second than to add it.

4 Depart the last 4 inches of Tiger Tail without having beads, extremely you can attach the last glasses holder piece and crimp it.

1 Thread the Tiger Tail through the last crimp bead and the proper closure regarding the eyeglasses holder piece and then again through the crimp bead once more.

2 Progress the crimp bead next to the eyeglasses holder piece plus pull up the Tiger Tail so that is the beads regarding the lanyard fit snugly together without any gap.

3 Make use of the crimp pliers to crimp the bead until it remains almost flat just since with the first crimp bead.

4 Reposition the crimp pliers and crimp once more to give the crimp bead a more rounded appearance.

5 Test the crimp to make sure it is safe and then operate the wire cutters to snip the Tiger Tail to close to some 1/4 of an inch.

Tips & Cautions

Tiger Tail comes in a variety of strands and diameters. Much more strands means that the thread will be a lot more flexible when you put beads on it. For example, 39-strand Tiger Tail would be more flexible besides 7-strand thread. Less-flexible Tiger Tail has a tendency to kink whenever you wear the lanyard plus will not go back in the correct shape once you adjust it.
Execute not use regular needle nose pliers instead of crimping pliers. The crimping pliers boast special teeth that cause the crimp bead to bite to the Tiger Tail securely.