ACI Marina Korcula

Marina Korcula lies in the east of the town Korčula. >== Informations above ACI Marina Korcula == opened all year round 159 berths and 16 boat places on land N 42°57,6′, E 17°08,4′ VHF 17 Contents 1 This Page Is Currently Under Construction And Will Be Available Shortly, Please Visit Reserve Copy Page 2 CLICK… read more »

Marina Frapa in Rogoznica

Marina Frapa ist a fashionable Marina on the croatian coast. She is situated in Rogoznica (Northern Dalmatia) near the regional border between Northern and Central Dalmatia. Contents 1 How to get to Marina Frapa in Rogoznica 2 Picture gallery of Marina Frapa in Rogoznica 3 Universal informations of Marina Frapa in Rogoznica 3.1 positive 3.2… read more »

ACI Marina Umag

The ACI Marina Umag ist the northernmost Marina at the coast of the croatian Adriatic Sea Contents 1 How to get to ACI Marina Umag 1.1 Here is ACI Marina Umag located 1.2 overland 1.3 over sea 2 Universal informations of ACI Marina Umag 2.1 Service conditions of ACI Marina Umag 2.2 Address of ACI… read more »

Master Marinas

Support us – Introduction Contents 1 How to get to Master Marinas 1.1 Here is Master Marinas located 1.2 overland 1.3 over sea 2 Universal informations of Master Marinas 2.1 Service conditions of Master Marinas 2.2 Address of Master Marinas 2.3 Harbour master office of Master Marinas 2.4 Recommended sea charts for the region of… read more »


A lot of travellers go for yachting to Croatia. On this content page we are going to link all croatians marinas. How do we write the linkname of the “Marina”? We complete the name of the marina with the toponym! Example: Marina Frapa in Rogoznica We list it geographical. If you know one, which isn’t… read more »