Place in Croatia


At the mouth of Limski channel is located settlement Vrsar, settled on a small hill and is a picturesque village with the campanile placed at the top. It is beautiful and well preserved, peaceful place where you can enjoy exploring the amazing nature. The former fishing village Vrsar, with 2,700 inhabitants, has developed in an… read more »


Umag is located in a narrow small peninsula with the small bay. It is an attractive vacation but also cultural place far away from the economic activities and loud traffic connections. It is the unique place providing the vacation, fun and cultural insights. Umag or Italian Umago ranks within its 4,900 inhabitants among the typical… read more »


Rabac is a beautiful old town settled on the eastern part of the Istrian coast. It used to be a small fishery village, but today is a famous holiday resort. Here you can find numerous bays, beaches, valleys, town port from where all the excursion boats get of and many similar places. Along the promenade… read more »


The largest place on the island of the same name lies in the center of the southern island coast. In the old city of Rab nowadays lives only 739 inhabitants (as per last census), that mostly live from the tourism. Opposite the city port lies a placed Banjol. In Palit has developed a modern shopping… read more »


The seaside resort Opatija or Abbazia, with 12.179 inhabitants is the oldest tourist place and center of tourism in Croatia. It treasures the 160 years old hospitality tradition. The town has settled in the Kvarner bay and with Rabac presents the pearl of Kvarner Bay. But the tourism started when the villa in Opatija, the… read more »

Novigrad in Istria

The town Novigrad has developed in the 18th century, on the peninsula of Istria. Because of a long and significant history and many governments, Novigrad has preserved its medieval streets, an old town walls and towers as a remainder and a cultural heritage of the ancestors. Novigrad is located on the root of the river… read more »


The place Novalja is on the island of Pag and lives mainly from the tourism owing the flat dropping beach. It is a tourist center and the central port of the island of Pag. Developed in the bay in the northwestern part of the island. In the area of Novalja, lives around 3500 inhabitants. It… read more »


Makarska Makarska is a city with more than 15 thousand inhabitants and belonged to the picturesque villages under Biokovo, Great Hill, Puharici, Kotišina of which was established the name of Makarska. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations of a Croatian coastal area, attractive because of its natural and climatic characteristics, diverse tourist… read more »


The largest town on the island of the same name lies in the center of the southern island’s coast. Krk is the most important touristic place on the island. Krk is a city on the island in the Kvarner region, located on the west coast of the island. It is connected by the bridge with… read more »


Korčula is situated on Korčula Island. It’s the biggest city on Korčula Island. Contents 1 How to get to Korcula 1.1 Here is Korcula located 2 Picture gallery for Korcula 3 Webcam Korcula 4 Insight into history of Korcula 5 What to see in Korcula 6 Sports & leisure time in Korcula 7 Beaches in… read more »