Place in Kvarner


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Mali Losinj

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Koncarev Kraj

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Driving toward Cres city, to the branch Beli one sees this small place Prodoscica on the left of the road. The again reconditioned church on the karst area is salient. Whole 8 inhabitants live in this place. >== Pictures of Predoscica== <gallery> </gallery> Support us and upload pictures of Predoscica (you need to be registered… read more »


The second largest place on the island of Krk is the place Punat with approx. 1,700 inhabitants. Punat is placed on the southern side of the island Krk, at one of the most protected and also most beautiful bays of the Adria. Sandy beaches which can be found rarely in Croatia surround this great holidays… read more »


Dramalj (1300 inhabitants) is an attractive suburb of Crikvenica, with its many new villas attracts the tourists from all over the world. In particular, the peninsula of Kacjak Dramalj is a popular seaside resort for tourists and for all those who go on a vacation in Dramalj and Crikvenica. In Dramalj also begins a popular… read more »


The today’s place Cunski on the island Losinj is not yet very old, but it was built on the ruins of an old fortress. The pc. Nikolaus chapel from that 16. Century, in their current form since 1908 Above the place an old finds away on a hill >== Pictures of Cunski== <gallery> </gallery> Support… read more »


Moscenice (Moschienizze) is a pictorial castle small town.You can visit the city museum with ethnographic collection, a 300 years old oil mill and the church pc. George. The restaurant with wonderful prospect compensates one for the arduous ascent. A bus of Opatija operates only very rarely directly after Moscenice. More frequent travels from Opatija to… read more »


Jadranovo – this small, even by mass tourism spared fishing village lies a few kilometres north of Crikvenica and directly opposite the Krk Island. An ideal starting point for land and people to explore and spend peaceful vacation. Anyone who even dares to take a few steps to run, no matter in what direction will… read more »