Place on Rab Island


The largest place on the island of the same name lies in the center of the southern island coast. In the old city of Rab nowadays lives only 739 inhabitants (as per last census), that mostly live from the tourism. Opposite the city port lies a placed Banjol. In Palit has developed a modern shopping… read more »

Supetarska Draga

Supetarska Draga is a place in the north on the island of Rab, between Lopar and the City of Rab. Both sides of the bay separate places Donja Supetarska Draga and Gornja Supetarska Draga. Supetarska Draga is placed in a fertile valley as well known as Mundanije. Here, are present mixes of modern and traditional… read more »


Palit is a place on the island Rab in the region of Kvarner. Palit is located on the mountain Vrsi and all to the shore of the bay Eufemija down. In the new district of Mali Palit at the end of the port city between Rab and Banjol is a modern shopping street. >== Here… read more »

Barbat na Rabu

The place Barbat na Rabu is located in the southern part of the island Rab facing the island of Dolin, a few miles southeast of the city on Rab is placed Barbatski channel. Here you can find numerous sandy beaches. The canal is a popular destination for surfers and water skiers. >== Here is Barbat… read more »


Kampor is a village in the north-western part of the island of Rab, along the coast spacious Kampor creek. Residents of Kampor are related to farming and dealing with the livestock. Kampor creek, is full of shallow and sludgy coast parts. Kampor, with locally road is connected to the city of Rab. Kampor of all… read more »


Banjol is a small place on island Rab in the region of Kvarner. Banjol is the largest town on the island of Rab. A part of the village lies on the hills above the main road and the other below the road at sea and in the bay. The bays of Banjol be described as… read more »

Suha Punta

Support us! Write an introduction for Suha Punta. Contents 1 Pictures of Suha Punta 2 How to get to Suha Punta 3 Here is Suha Punta located 4 History of Suha Punta 5 What to see in Suha Punta 6 Where to stay in Suha Punta 6.1 Hotels in Suha Punta 6.2 Camping sites in… read more »


Misnjak is an important junction to go by ferry from Rab Island to mainland. Contents 1 How to get to Misnjak 2 Picture gallery of Misnjak 3 What to see in Misnjak 4 Useful links How to get to Misnjak This point isn’t a village. This is only a harbour situated in the south of… read more »


Lopar Lopar is the touristic center on the Rab Island and an important junction to the Krk Island. Lopar in the northeast of the island is beside the capital of Rab the most important holiday place on the Island of Rab. After Banjol, Lopar with approximately 1,100 inhabitants is the second largest place on the… read more »


Mundanije is a place on the island Rab in the region of Kvarner. Mundanije is the only major settlement on the island which is not located by the sea. In the rich and fertile valley residents growns vegetables and fruit in a traditional way,so for everyone who want to taste the tradition should come here…. read more »