Place on Losinj Island

Mali Losinj

Contents 1 Under Construction! Please Visit Reserve Page. Page Will Be Available Shortly 2 CLICK HERE 2.1 Here is Mali Losinj located 2.2 How to get to Mali Losinj 2.3 Map of Mali Losinj 2.4 Pictures of Mali Losinj 2.5 History of Mali Losinj 2.6 What to see in Mali Losinj 2.7 Excursions in the… read more »


The today’s place Cunski on the island Losinj is not yet very old, but it was built on the ruins of an old fortress. The pc. Nikolaus chapel from that 16. Century, in their current form since 1908 Above the place an old finds away on a hill >== Pictures of Cunski== <gallery> </gallery> Support… read more »

Veli Losinj

Veli Losinj is a small town in a narrow, tapering bay on the island of Losinj. Its size is smaller than Mali Losinj, but also offers entertainment, sports fields and recreation in hotels and private accommodations. The island’s climate is pleasant throughout the year, and a specific is an old pine forest. Around the Losinj… read more »


Nerezine is on eastern side of the island. Nerezine grew together from many houses to a place. Agriculture and fish serve the main acquisition of these inhabitants predominantly. The place counts today approx.. 400 inhabitants from formerly over 2000. Contents 1 How to get to Nerezine 2 Pictures of Nerezine 3 History of Nerezine 4… read more »


Jakov lies south of Osor on the island Losinj. Hl. Jakob – worth seeing The church of the Hl. Jakob on the cemetery from the year 1624. This date is with the letters HIG (1624) on the marble slab over the front in in accordance with ice ELT. Unfortunately this church is very renovation needy…. read more »