Place on Cres Island


Driving toward Cres city, to the branch Beli one sees this small place Prodoscica on the left of the road. The again reconditioned church on the karst area is salient. Whole 8 inhabitants live in this place. >== Pictures of Predoscica== <gallery> </gallery> Support us and upload pictures of Predoscica (you need to be registered… read more »


From Cres town go south and before Vransko lake turn left to Orlec. In the village still lives about 150 inhabitants, and it lies about 240 m above the sea level and it has no port. The settlement was known from the 16th Century as a resident of Dalmatia which fled from the Turks to… read more »


Support us! Write an introduction for Stivan. Contents 1 Pictures of Stivan 2 How to get to Stivan 3 Here is Stivan located 4 History of Stivan 5 What to see in Stivan 6 Where to stay in Stivan 6.1 Hotels in Stivan 6.2 Camping sites in Stivan 6.3 Private accomodations in Stivan 7 Sports… read more »

Martinscica auf Cres

Support us! Write an introduction for Martinscica auf Cres. Contents 1 Pictures of Martinscica auf Cres 2 How to get to Martinscica auf Cres 3 Here is Martinscica auf Cres located 4 History of Martinscica auf Cres 5 What to see in Martinscica auf Cres 6 Where to stay in Martinscica auf Cres 6.1 Hotels… read more »


Cres is a historic city on the Cres Island. Cres It’s the biggest city and here is the seat of the administration of the island. At the same time, with over 2,950 inhabitants, it is the largest town on the island of Cres. The Venetian city, including Mark’s lion – in a town to stroll,… read more »


Osor – was an important sailor city at times of the coastal ship travel. An ancient city, which connects and separates the island of Cres with the island of Losinj. A small channel separates the island of Cres and the island of Losinj. Today smaller ships, yachts, motorboats and sailing boats can drive trough the… read more »


Lubenice – a city of Cres’s farmers from prehistoric times. Lubenice is the best kept secret. It is placed 378 m above the sea and there is only 43 inhabitants that live in few families. They live from tourism (a small tavern and a snack bar in the main square), wine production, sheep farming and… read more »


Merag is an important junction to go by ferry from Cres Island to Krk Island. Contents 1 How to get to Merag 2 Picture gallery of Merag 3 Insight into history of Merag 4 What to see in Merag 5 Places of excursions in the region of Merag 6 Sports & leisure time in Merag… read more »

Punta Kriza

The place Punta Kriza is on island Cres in the region of Kvarner. Contents 1 Pictures of Punta Kriza 2 How to get to Punta Kriza 3 Here is Punta Kriza located 4 History of Punta Kriza 5 What to see in Punta Kriza 6 Where to stay in Punta Kriza 6.1 Hotels in Punta… read more »


Podbeli is placed near the port of Beli on the island Cres. Contents 1 How to get to Podbeli 2 Pictures of Podbeli 3 History of Podbeli 4 What to see in Podbeli 5 Excursions in the region of Podbeli 6 Sports & leisure opportunities in Podbeli 7 Beaches in Podbeli 8 Where to eat… read more »