Place in the region of Kvarner Bay


Crikvenica is a small town settled in the region Kvarner consisted of 12,000 inhabitants. It is the seaside holiday center with 8 km long coast placed near Rijeka. In the year 1888, Archduke Joseph, the brother of the Hungarian king founded the settlement and discovered its medical capabilities. It is a popular holiday destination that… read more »

Novi Vinodolski

The City Novi Vinodolski is one of the most important holiday places of the Kvarner bay. Due to the vineyards that surround Novi Vinodol city, the place has got the name (Vinodolski means the wine valley). The Frankopan family has in the 13th century established the settlement called “Novi” (new). For this reason the place… read more »


Lovran is located about 7 km south from Opatija. The modern part of Lovran (the name derives from the frequent laurel bushes) extends from the slopes of the hill Gorica along the coast to the foothills of Opatija. The old town has settled on a small peninsula. Lovran belonged to the Croatian Kingdom, the Patriarchate… read more »


The seaside resort Opatija or Abbazia, with 12.179 inhabitants is the oldest tourist place and center of tourism in Croatia. It treasures the 160 years old hospitality tradition. The town has settled in the Kvarner bay and with Rabac presents the pearl of Kvarner Bay. But the tourism started when the villa in Opatija, the… read more »


The today’s place Cunski on the island Losinj is not yet very old, but it was built on the ruins of an old fortress. The pc. Nikolaus chapel from that 16. Century, in their current form since 1908 Above the place an old finds away on a hill >== Pictures of Cunski== <gallery> </gallery> Support… read more »


Moscenice (Moschienizze) is a pictorial castle small town.You can visit the city museum with ethnographic collection, a 300 years old oil mill and the church pc. George. The restaurant with wonderful prospect compensates one for the arduous ascent. A bus of Opatija operates only very rarely directly after Moscenice. More frequent travels from Opatija to… read more »


Jadranovo – this small, even by mass tourism spared fishing village lies a few kilometres north of Crikvenica and directly opposite the Krk Island. An ideal starting point for land and people to explore and spend peaceful vacation. Anyone who even dares to take a few steps to run, no matter in what direction will… read more »


Support us! Write an introduction for Brsec. >== Pictures of Brsec== provides the only substantial photo collection of Brsec and surroundings. Enjoy hundreds of photos snapped through several decades! Contents 1 Page Is Unavailable Due To Site Maintenance, Please Visit Reserve Copy Page 2 CLICK HERE 2.1 How to get to Brsec 2.2 Here… read more »


Located off the eastern coast of Istria, Ika, Croatia is a beautiful vacation spot to relax and enjoy nature. A seaside resort, it is also connected by road to the mainland. The weather makes it a perfect vacation spot any time of the year, and the near by regions also offer many attractions for tourists…. read more »


Selce is southeast Kvarner small holidays place with port in bay, 3 km from Crikvenica. Beautiful beaches, bank promenade along the coast, different culture and Sports event make a pleasant and a maintenance seed for vacation possible. Selce is a small harbor and city of 2100 people 3 km southeast the city of Crikvenica, and… read more »