Place in the region of Pula-Medulin


Pula is the most important economic city on the peninsula of Istria . Pula is, with 82.000 inhabitants, the largest city in Istria and represents also the cultural, economical and probably political center of Istria. Nevertheless the official capital is Pazin. On the way after Pula you can notice some scenically and structural changes. The… read more »


Medulin is a famous touristic center and holiday resort. Today is one of the most important touristic places in Istria and has many features to offer. Medulin was once a fishing village until in 60’s got the Auto camp and started to attract more and more tourists. Here you can discover the beautiful mansions designed… read more »


Premantura is a place on the southern part of Istrian coast, known form the Bronze Age as an important settlement. Premantura lies at the cape of the peninsula of Kamenjak, and in former times is famous as a nature park with the unique view on the Istrian coastal landscape. In this region are numerous protected… read more »


Vodnjan is settled on the hill within the beautiful Mediterranean vegetation and climate. It is a small town placed on the southwestern part of Istria with 3,700 inhabitants, and is about 3, 5 km distanced from the sea and approx. 10 km from the town Pula. Vodnjan has developed on the remains of the pre… read more »

Veliki Vareski

Veliki Vareski is a place in Istria, in the region of Pula-Medulin. >== Pictures of Veliki Vareski== <gallery> </gallery> Support us and upload pictures of Veliki Vareski (you need to be registered to upload pictures). Vareski More pictures of Veliki Vareski Contents 1 UNDER COSTRUCTION, PLEASE SEE THIS POST IN RESERVE COPY 2 CLICK HERE… read more »


Pomer is a small village (250 inhabitants) in the southern part of Istria. It is located between Pula and Medulin. Situated above the shallow Pomer Cove, suitable for cultivation of oysters and mussels. A tourist campsite is located nearby, in a pine grove. >== How to get to Pomer== If you travel from Pula you… read more »


Brijun is the principal place national park Brioni islands and lies on the island Veli Brijun. Fourteen small islands make up what is known as Brijuni located in Croatia’s northern region on the Adriatic Sea. The islands are famous during holidays for beautifully scenic resorts and it’s Croatian National Park. Flourishing with plant species such… read more »


Fažana lies opposite the Brijuni Islands, in the vicinity of Pula. It is a small fishery town, settled amongst numerous pine woods and vineyards. It serves as a starting point for ships and shipping routes, mostly for the Brijuni islands. Worth seeing, above all, is the parish church Kosma, in which are saved paintings of… read more »


Valdebit is a little village between Pula and Pomer, near 5 km southeast to Pula. Contents 1 Pictures of Valdebit 2 How to get to Valdebit 3 Here is Valdebit located 4 History of Valdebit 5 What to see in Valdebit 6 Where to stay in Valdebit 6.1 Hotels in Valdebit 6.2 Camping sites in… read more »

Sveti Kirin

Support us! Write an introduction for Sveti Kirin. Contents 1 Pictures of Sveti Kirin 2 How to get to Sveti Kirin 3 Here is Sveti Kirin located 4 History of Sveti Kirin 5 What to see in Sveti Kirin 6 Where to stay in Sveti Kirin 6.1 Hotels in Sveti Kirin 6.2 Camping sites in… read more »