Place in Dalmatia

Banja near Vrgorac

Banja is a small place near Vrgorac in the region of Split.. Contents 1 Pictures of Banja near Vrgorac 2 How to get to Banja kod Vrgorca 3 Here is Banja near Vrgorac located 4 History of Banja near Vrgorac 5 What to see in Banja near Vrgorac 6 Where to stay in Banja near… read more »


Podgora is a place in the region of Split. The small resort Podgora is located south of Makarska and Tucepi on the Makarska Riviera. Podgora is a place with around 3000 inhabitants. Here there is a port with fishing boats and a stone walkway with waterfront. Contents 1 Here is Podgora located 2 How to… read more »


The Pearl of Adria Dubrovnik is one of the most attractive and the most famous cities on the Mediterranean. Along with an outstanding natural beauty and heritage preservation, it is a city with very rich tourist offer. City hotels, high ecological standards and tourist attractiveness are characteristics of this city. The coast is beautiful, with… read more »


Podstrana is a small place in the region of Split. Contents 1 Pictures of Podstrana 2 How to get to Podstrana 3 Here is Podstrana located 4 History of Podstrana 5 What to see in Podstrana 6 Where to stay in Podstrana 6.1 Hotels in Podstrana 6.2 Camping sites in Podstrana 6.3 Private accomodations in… read more »


Split, the second city of Croatia is the center on Dalmatian coast, along with the picturesque Dubrovnik and it has a lot to offer for tourists of all sorts. Once was an important city under Diocletian, and then was under different rules and today become a somewhat urban mixture, with all different times reflecting in… read more »


Due to its great and fantastic natural position in the middle of the Adriatic coast, and to the closeness of National Parks: Plitvica Lakes, Paklenica mountain, the unique Rivera Krka waterfalls and a string of wondrous islands called Kornati, Zadar became very attractive destination. It is possible to reach the central Zadar Riviera region from… read more »


The center of Trogir belongs to the UNESCO’s World Heritage. Trogir lies 20 km to the west from Split. In the town of Trogir in the west of the bay Kastelanski zaljev, lives 8,500 residents. The root of the town was made in the 2nd Century before Christ. Over time, the fortified island city is… read more »


View from the fort Sv. Ana on Sibenik Sibenik is placed in the middle of the Croatian Adriatic coast, in magnificent picturesque landscape in indented bay around the mouth of the river Krka. It was an ancient fisherman settlement, but today, IT IS the administrative, political, economic and cultural center of a county. Sibenik is… read more »


The place Novalja is on the island of Pag and lives mainly from the tourism owing the flat dropping beach. It is a tourist center and the central port of the island of Pag. Developed in the bay in the northwestern part of the island. In the area of Novalja, lives around 3500 inhabitants. It… read more »


Makarska Makarska is a city with more than 15 thousand inhabitants and belonged to the picturesque villages under Biokovo, Great Hill, Puharici, KotiĊĦina of which was established the name of Makarska. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations of a Croatian coastal area, attractive because of its natural and climatic characteristics, diverse tourist… read more »