Island in Croatia

Mljet Island

The island of Mljet is the largest island in the archipelago of Dubrovnik. There is a famous national park of Mljet, known as one of the last habitat of Mediterranean sea bear which is protected by law. The whole island is a natural attraction and is also called the green island, because of an untouched… read more »

Rab Island

Map of island Rab The island of Rab looks barren from the mainland but holds treasures of landscape on its southern beaches. The island with its two faces! The grey, vegetation on the east and the west looks like naked area. The wind barrier of Kamenjak Mountains completes this division and there are two parts… read more »

Losinj Island

Losinj is a Croatian island in the northern part of the Adriatic sea, in the Bay of Kvarner. The following settlements are placed on Losinj: Nerezine, Sveti Jakov, Cunski, Artaturi , Mali Losinj and Veli Losinj . The island of Losinj, together with Cres is a very attractive destination for tourists from all over the… read more »

Krk Island

Map of island Krk Krk, due to its closeness to Rijeka, is the most developed island in the Kvarner gulf. The northern part of the island is mostly visited by tourists and you will have to go towards the southern part of the island if you want to get away from the masses and find… read more »

Korcula Island

Korcula, a town and a port on the northeastern coast of the island, located on the peninsula, which is a narrow isthmus connected with the island. The surrounding coastal area is covered with pine trees. In the east from the port there is a small group of islets. Korcula archipelago counts 48 islands. Birth place… read more »

Hvar Island

Hvar has always been one of the major islands of Croatia in terms of its popularity with tourists. It has a beautiful nature and a large production of lavender has been initiated in the 1930’s. Lavender island of Hvar, in June, is a flower-covered purple carpet. Also sage and rosemary grow in this mild climate…. read more »

Cres Island

Cres, the biggest island in the Adriatic Sea, located in the northern part of the Kvarner gulf. Island Cres is long, narrow and mountainous island with well indented coast, of total length of 248 km. The entire island is full of coves, bays and fine pebbly beaches mainly settled on western and southern side, while… read more »

Brac Island

The third-largest of Croatia’s island is the nearest to Split and rather frequented with tourists. It has been famous for its stone, a mixture of limestone and marble, exported over many years to the rest of the world: It can be found in the White House in Washington for example. Wine was also an important… read more »

Brijuni National Park

The Brijuni National Park is a group of Islands on the westcoast of Istria. Contents 1 Facts about Brijuni National Park 1.1 Here is Brijuni National Park located 2 Pictures of Brijuni National Park 3 How to get to Brijuni National Park 4 History of Brijuni National Park 5 What to see in Brijuni National… read more »

Sestrica Island

Contents 1 UNDER COSTRUCTION, PLEASE SEE THIS POST IN RESERVE COPY 2 CLICK HERE 2.1 Pictures of Sestrica Island 2.2 How to get to Sestrica Island 2.3 Here is Sestrica Island located 2.4 History of Sestrica Island 2.5 What to see in Sestrica Island 2.6 Where to stay in Sestrica Island 2.6.1 Hotels in Sestrica… read more »