County in Croatia

Biokovo Nature Park

The Biokovo Nature Park is located at the coast of Makarska riviera. Contents 1 Facts about Biokovo Nature Park 1.1 Here is Biokovo Nature Park located 2 Pictures of Biokovo Nature Park 3 How to get to Biokovo Nature Park 4 History of Biokovo Nature Park 5 What to see in Biokovo Nature Park 6… read more »

Risnjak National Park

The Risnjak National Park is located in Gorski kotar. Contents 1 Facts about Risnjak National Park 1.1 Here is Risnjak National Park located 2 Pictures of Risnjak National Park 3 How to get to Risnjak National Park 4 History of Risnjak National Park 5 What to see in Risnjak National Park 6 Useful links Facts… read more »

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park UNESCO-World Heritage 1979 extend 2000 UNESCO-No. 0098 Criterion Nature 2-3 Region Krajina Place Plitvice Lakes The Plitvice Lakes National Park encloses 16 lakes. He is the greatest and oldest National Park of Croatia. Contents 1 Facts about Plitvice Lakes National Park 2 How to get to Plitvice Lakes National Park 3… read more »

Paklenica National Park

The Paklenica National Park presents the areas Veliki and Mala Paklenica lying in the Velebit Nature Park. Contents 1 Facts about Paklenica National Park 1.1 Here is Paklenica National Park located 2 Pictures of Paklenica National Park 3 How to get to Paklenica National Park 4 History of Paklenica National Park 5 What to see… read more »

Krka National Park

The Krka National Park is located between Knin and Skradin. Contents 1 Facts about Krka National Park 1.1 Here is Krka National Park located 2 Pictures of Krka National Park 3 How to get to Krka National Park 4 History of Krka National Park 5 What to see in Krka National Park 6 Useful links… read more »


Osijek is the biggest town of Slavonia. It has a major economic, cultural and administrative centre, has impressive wide streets, gardens, and two city centres, a Austro- Hungarian one and a 19th century commercial centre in Gornji Grad. Contents 1 How to get to Osijek 2 Webcam Osijek 3 Picture gallery for Osijek 4 Insight… read more »


Zagreb is the capital of Croatia. It is the political, cultural and economic center of Croatia. As Rebecca West said in 1937: ‘Zagreb makes from its featureless handsomeness something that pleases like a Schubert song, a delight that begins quietly and never definitely ends. It has the endearing characteristic noticeable in many French towns of… read more »

Mljet Island

The island of Mljet is the largest island in the archipelago of Dubrovnik. There is a famous national park of Mljet, known as one of the last habitat of Mediterranean sea bear which is protected by law. The whole island is a natural attraction and is also called the green island, because of an untouched… read more »


The center of Trogir belongs to the UNESCO’s World Heritage. Trogir lies 20 km to the west from Split. In the town of Trogir in the west of the bay Kastelanski zaljev, lives 8,500 residents. The root of the town was made in the 2nd Century before Christ. Over time, the fortified island city is… read more »


View from the fort Sv. Ana on Sibenik Sibenik is placed in the middle of the Croatian Adriatic coast, in magnificent picturesque landscape in indented bay around the mouth of the river Krka. It was an ancient fisherman settlement, but today, IT IS the administrative, political, economic and cultural center of a county. Sibenik is… read more »