Split-Dalmatia County

Banja near Vrgorac

Banja is a small place near Vrgorac in the region of Split.. Contents 1 Pictures of Banja near Vrgorac 2 How to get to Banja kod Vrgorca 3 Here is Banja near Vrgorac located 4 History of Banja near Vrgorac 5 What to see in Banja near Vrgorac 6 Where to stay in Banja near… read more »


Podgora is a place in the region of Split. The small resort Podgora is located south of Makarska and Tucepi on the Makarska Riviera. Podgora is a place with around 3000 inhabitants. Here there is a port with fishing boats and a stone walkway with waterfront. Contents 1 Here is Podgora located 2 How to… read more »


Podstrana is a small place in the region of Split. Contents 1 Pictures of Podstrana 2 How to get to Podstrana 3 Here is Podstrana located 4 History of Podstrana 5 What to see in Podstrana 6 Where to stay in Podstrana 6.1 Hotels in Podstrana 6.2 Camping sites in Podstrana 6.3 Private accomodations in… read more »


Split, the second city of Croatia is the center on Dalmatian coast, along with the picturesque Dubrovnik and it has a lot to offer for tourists of all sorts. Once was an important city under Diocletian, and then was under different rules and today become a somewhat urban mixture, with all different times reflecting in… read more »

Biokovo Nature Park

The Biokovo Nature Park is located at the coast of Makarska riviera. Contents 1 Facts about Biokovo Nature Park 1.1 Here is Biokovo Nature Park located 2 Pictures of Biokovo Nature Park 3 How to get to Biokovo Nature Park 4 History of Biokovo Nature Park 5 What to see in Biokovo Nature Park 6… read more »


The center of Trogir belongs to the UNESCO’s World Heritage. Trogir lies 20 km to the west from Split. In the town of Trogir in the west of the bay Kastelanski zaljev, lives 8,500 residents. The root of the town was made in the 2nd Century before Christ. Over time, the fortified island city is… read more »

Hvar Island

Hvar has always been one of the major islands of Croatia in terms of its popularity with tourists. It has a beautiful nature and a large production of lavender has been initiated in the 1930’s. Lavender island of Hvar, in June, is a flower-covered purple carpet. Also sage and rosemary grow in this mild climate…. read more »


Support us! Write an introduction for Hvar. Contents 1 How to get to Hvar 2 Pictures of Hvar 3 History of Hvar 4 What to see in Hvar 5 Excursions in the region of Hvar 6 Sports & leisure opportunities in Hvar 7 Beaches in Hvar 8 Where to eat in Hvar 9 Where to… read more »

Brac Island

The third-largest of Croatia’s island is the nearest to Split and rather frequented with tourists. It has been famous for its stone, a mixture of limestone and marble, exported over many years to the rest of the world: It can be found in the White House in Washington for example. Wine was also an important… read more »

Hotel Slavija

Support us! Write an introduction for Hotel Slavija. Contents 1 How to get to Hotel Slavija 2 Picture gallery of Hotel Slavija 3 Here is Hotel Slavija located 4 General information about Hotel Slavija 5 What was your experience with Hotel Slavija? 5.1 What was positive? 5.2 What was negative? 6 Address of Hotel Slavija… read more »