Lika-Senj County

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Plitvice Lakes National Park UNESCO-World Heritage 1979 extend 2000 UNESCO-No. 0098 Criterion Nature 2-3 Region Krajina Place Plitvice Lakes The Plitvice Lakes National Park encloses 16 lakes. He is the greatest and oldest National Park of Croatia. Contents 1 Facts about Plitvice Lakes National Park 2 How to get to Plitvice Lakes National Park 3… read more »

Paklenica National Park

The Paklenica National Park presents the areas Veliki and Mala Paklenica lying in the Velebit Nature Park. Contents 1 Facts about Paklenica National Park 1.1 Here is Paklenica National Park located 2 Pictures of Paklenica National Park 3 How to get to Paklenica National Park 4 History of Paklenica National Park 5 What to see… read more »


The place Novalja is on the island of Pag and lives mainly from the tourism owing the flat dropping beach. It is a tourist center and the central port of the island of Pag. Developed in the bay in the northwestern part of the island. In the area of Novalja, lives around 3500 inhabitants. It… read more »

Hotel Liburnija in Novalja

The hotel Liburnija on Pag has a lovely seaside setting on the pebble beach, amidst lush Mediterranean vegetation. Hotel Liburnija is situated in Novalja on island Pag. Contents 1 How to get to Hotel Liburnija in Novalja 2 Picture gallery of Hotel Liburnija in Novalja 3 Here is Hotel Liburnija in Novalja located 4 General… read more »


Senj is a city in the Lika-Senj county of Croatia, on the Adriatic coast. It is the largest transit point between Kvarner region and Dalmatia. Senj has a favorable position below the Vratnik mountain pass which separates Velebit mountain from mountains of Gorski kotar. Due to its geographic position, Senj is a typical and specific… read more »


Contents 1 UNDER COSTRUCTION, PLEASE SEE THIS POST IN RESERVE COPY 1.1 Here is Karlobag located 1.2 How to get to Karlobag 1.3 City map of Karlobag 1.4 Pictures of Karlobag 1.5 History of Karlobag 1.6 What to see in Karlobag 1.7 Excursions in the region of Karlobag 1.8 Accomodations in Karlobag 1.8.1 Hotels in… read more »

Camping Drasica Novalja

Contents 1 Under Construction! Please Visit Reserve Page. Page Will Be Available Shortly 2 CLICK HERE 2.1 Picture Gallery of Camping Drasica Novalja 2.2 Here is Camping Drasica Novalja located 2.3 General information about Camping Drasica Novalja 2.4 What is your opinion about Camping Drasica Novalja 2.4.1 General Experiences Camping Drasica Novalja 2.4.2 Positive Experiences… read more »

Koncarev Kraj

Contents 1 This Page Is Currently Under Construction And Will Be Available Shortly, Please Visit Reserve Copy Page 2 CLICK HERE 2.1 Pictures of Koncarev Kraj 2.2 How to get to Koncarev Kraj 2.3 Here is Koncarev Kraj located 2.4 History of Koncarev Kraj 2.5 What to see in Koncarev Kraj 2.6 Where to stay… read more »


Contents 1 Page Is Unavailable Due To Site Maintenance, Please Visit Reserve Copy Page 2 CLICK HERE 2.1 Pictures of Ponori 2.2 How to get to Ponori 2.3 Here is Ponori located 2.4 History of Ponori 2.5 What to see in Ponori 2.6 Where to stay in Ponori 2.6.1 Hotels in Ponori 2.6.2 Camping sites… read more »

Camping Strasko Novalja

Camping Strasko is situted on the island of Pag, in place Novalja. When was the last time you refreshed yourself in a grove of pine trees on a hot day? Camping at Strasko Novalja offers the breathtaking beauty of pine trees, with the modern convenience of power and water connections. So come enjoy nature’s offering… read more »