Istria County


Rovinj (approx. 13,550 inhabitants) ranks among the most beautiful places of the Adriatic. It is a picturesque Istrian town known as an oasis of beautiful nature and exceptionally agreeable climate. Rovinj’s area has a very developed tourism and offers recovery in pictorial landscapes and protected areas. Certainly, this town in Istria is not to be… read more »


Pula is the most important economic city on the peninsula of Istria . Pula is, with 82.000 inhabitants, the largest city in Istria and represents also the cultural, economical and probably political center of Istria. Nevertheless the official capital is Pazin. On the way after Pula you can notice some scenically and structural changes. The… read more »


Medulin is a famous touristic center and holiday resort. Today is one of the most important touristic places in Istria and has many features to offer. Medulin was once a fishing village until in 60’s got the Auto camp and started to attract more and more tourists. Here you can discover the beautiful mansions designed… read more »


A roman town, later conquered by the Byzantines and Venetians, Porec was an important harbor and today is one of the most integral Istria towns and is worth visiting. It is located on the western part of the Istrian peninsula, between the river Mirna mouth in the north and the Lim Fyord on the south…. read more »


Buzet (5,000 inhabitants) calls itself the main istrian town of truffles (Cita Tartufo). Even if this may sound exaggerated a little, fact is that the desired mushroom at the best in the surrounding forests of the me well valley prospers. Otherwise Buzet as typical istrian mountain and fortress town and traffic junction show up. Buzet,… read more »


Premantura is a place on the southern part of Istrian coast, known form the Bronze Age as an important settlement. Premantura lies at the cape of the peninsula of Kamenjak, and in former times is famous as a nature park with the unique view on the Istrian coastal landscape. In this region are numerous protected… read more »


Vodnjan is settled on the hill within the beautiful Mediterranean vegetation and climate. It is a small town placed on the southwestern part of Istria with 3,700 inhabitants, and is about 3, 5 km distanced from the sea and approx. 10 km from the town Pula. Vodnjan has developed on the remains of the pre… read more »


At the mouth of Limski channel is located settlement Vrsar, settled on a small hill and is a picturesque village with the campanile placed at the top. It is beautiful and well preserved, peaceful place where you can enjoy exploring the amazing nature. The former fishing village Vrsar, with 2,700 inhabitants, has developed in an… read more »


Umag is located in a narrow small peninsula with the small bay. It is an attractive vacation but also cultural place far away from the economic activities and loud traffic connections. It is the unique place providing the vacation, fun and cultural insights. Umag or Italian Umago ranks within its 4,900 inhabitants among the typical… read more »


Rabac is a beautiful old town settled on the eastern part of the Istrian coast. It used to be a small fishery village, but today is a famous holiday resort. Here you can find numerous bays, beaches, valleys, town port from where all the excursion boats get of and many similar places. Along the promenade… read more »