Camping in the region of Pula-Medulin

Camping Pineta Fazana

Contents 1 Page Is Unavailable Due To Site Maintenance, Please Visit Reserve Copy Page 2 CLICK HERE 2.1 Picture Gallery of Camping Pineta Fazana 2.2 Here is Camping Pineta Fazana located 2.3 General information about Camping Pineta Fazana 2.4 What is your opinion about Camping Pineta Fazana 2.4.1 General Experiences Camping Pineta Fazana 2.4.2 Positive… read more »

Camping Runke Premantura

Camping Runke is situated in place Premantura, between Pula and Medulin. Campsite Runke offers visitors a simple way to enjoy a stay in Premantura, near Pula, Croatia. The highlights of this campsite are the pebble and stone beaches and the densely wooded surrounding area. With a capacity for 750 guests, Runke is 10 km from… read more »

Camping Medulin Medulin

Camping Medulin is situated on peninsula Istria, in the place of Medulin. Camp Medulin is located on the sandy beaches of Croatia. Aside from gorgeous scenery, Camp Medulin has a very clean restroom facility, drinking water and even a train that runs through the campgrounds. Surrounded by a beautiful forest and ocean waters, Camp Medulin… read more »

Camping Stoja Pula

Camping Stoja is situated only 3km from the city of Pula away. Only 3 km from the historical town of Pula is the alluring grounds of Camping Stoja where you will discover a lover’s paradise. Sanitary facilities, electricity, and all the modern features of home are within hands reach. Nature has reserved the perfect spot… read more »

Camping Indie Medulin-Banjole

Camping Indie is situated in a small place Banjole near Medulin. This peaceful campsite is situated in a quiet forest and features terraced grounds for campers to set up on. Indie is on a peninsula near Banjole and opens onto a stone beach with views that look out across to a nearby island. Contents 1… read more »

Camping Bi-Village Fazana

Camping Bi-Village is situated in the city of Fazana. Seaside camping at its finest! New facilities, built in 2000, offer several different types of modern beachfront camping facilities. Explore the pine woods that surround the village, visit the nearby fishing town of Fazana, travel only a few kms into Istria‘s capital city, Pula, or swim… read more »

Camping Tasalera Premantura

Camping Tasalera is situated in Premantura, near Pula. Camp Tasalera in the Croatian city of Premantura is located in Istria county by the Adriatic Sea. Premantura has a rich historical past dating back to the Bronze Age and Roman times. Tourists from all over the world come to enjoy the sandy white beaches, water activities,… read more »

Camping Kranjski kamp Premantura

Camping Kranjski kamp is a small camp in Banjole, near the place of Medulin. The next time you have that urge to explore another world in which to set down your tent pegs, think Kranjski Kamp Premantura! Let the whispers of the seas waves speak harmony and well being into your spirit, and wash your… read more »

Camping Peskera Medulin-Banjole

Camping Peskera is a small camp in Banjole, near the place of Medulin. Feeling stress? How about a little escape to a beautiful beach between the city of Medulin and Banjole. A camping trip that will ease your sorrow. A place to sit and have a delicious croatian pastry with a nice cup of coffee… read more »

Camping Olivia Medulin-Banjole

Camping Olivia is a small camp in Banjole, near the place of Medulin. Camp Olivia in the Croatian city of Medulin – Banjole is located in Istria county by the Adriatic Sea. Tourists from all over the world come here to take part in swimming, boating, fishing, and water skiing. The pine forests are suitable… read more »