Camping in the region of Dubrovnik

Camping Perna Orebic

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Camping Prapratno Ston

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Camping Solitudo Dubrovnik-Babin Kuk

Camping Solitudo is situated in place Babin Kuk, near Dubrovnik. This camp site is located close to the centre of Dubrovnik. Its working season is from April to November. There is room for over 300 pitched tents here and the beach is 250 m. This award winning campsite also has parking facilities for campers throughout… read more »

Camping Mindel Vela Luka

Camping Kalac is situated in place Vela Luka on the island of Korcula. Camping Mindel in Vela Luka is surrounded by beautiful bays and natural beaches on the Island of Korcula. This is a 3 star camp and has enough room for 100 arranged plots and 120 camping units. A great feature of Camping Mindel… read more »

Camping Kalac Korcula

Camping Kalac is situated on the island of Korcula. Kalac is a campsite near Korcula that benefits from the gorgeous Croatian coastline. With room for 600, Kalac is large and has foot trails that access the coves and beaches in the area. With plenty of on-site amenities, Kalac offers campers many options for entertainment. Contents… read more »

Camping Adriatic-Orebic Orebic-Mokalo

Camping Adriatic-Orebic is situated in place Mokalo near Orebic, on the peninsula of Peljesac. Adriatic-Orebic is an award winning campsite well known for its beautiful grounds and attention to environmental integrity. With capacity for 150 and a short distance from Orebic, this campsite has a variety of plot sizes suitable for all types of campers…. read more »

Camping Kupari Kupari-Mlini

Camping Kupari is situated in place Kupari, near Mlini. Kupari is a large campsite near the village of Mlini in the region of Dubrovnik, Croatia. With capacity for 2900, Kupari can house many campers on its large, wooded grounds. With its proximity to Mlini, Kupari is a great place to stay to explore the region…. read more »

Camping Kate Mlini

Camping Kate is situated in place Mlini, near Dubrovnik. Camping Kate in Mlini is surrounded by beautiful cypress and pine trees. This is a great place to stay if you want to relax. It’s located in the center of the village Mlini. The Adriatic Sea is only 200 miles away from Camping Kate. Contents 1… read more »

Camping Pod maslinom Orasac

Camping Pod maslinom is situated in place Orasac, near Dubrovnik. This camp site is located 11 km to the west of Orasac in Dubrovnik. There are about 35 different camping places near or under the olive trees. Surrounded by pine trees with paths that lead to two beaches and a port, this is a great… read more »

Camping Rudine Orasac

Camping Rudine is situated in place Orasac, near Dubrovnik. This campground is located approximately 10 km on the west side of Dubrovnik in Orasac. It is surrounded by subtropical vegetation, so there are lots of shady areas. The private beach overlooks Elaphite Islands. It is equipped with all the modern conveniences. This is the perfect… read more »