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Just like each residing thing, gerbils want to need any comfortable and appropriate environment in which to stay so that they can thrive. Gerbils maintain specific dietary plus nesting wants that their owners should take into account. Follow these steps to build a comfortable gerbil house.

Moderately Simple


things you’ll need:

1 Buy a gerbil cage that remains large enough for your gerbil to run and play. Ideally, the cage must be made of glass or steel so that your animal won’t chew it. If you can, get two same-sex gerbils, because these animals are extremely social and will be happier if they experience a pal.

2 Use some sort of wood shavings mixed together with some hay with the gerbil’s bedding. The bedding should be very deep, because a gerbil’s pure instinct is to dig. Cedar also pine shavings can harm your gerbil, whilst numerous professionals consider aspen shavings to be the finest preference for gerbils. Gerbils also appreciate most sand in one corner to roll about with.

3 Location some nesting box within the cage as well. Gerbils require a place to go to for sleeping and hiding. Bear in mind that you will finally need to replace a box made of wood, plastic or cardboard, after your gerbil will chew it to bits.

4 Uncover one appropriate place for the gerbil cage. Gerbils do best in temperatures about 68 to 75 degrees F. Maintain the cage away from electronics , since they can emit sounds that are uncomfortable to any gerbil.

5 Provide healthy treats for your gerbil, with addition to some food specifically prepared for gerbils out of some pet shop. Fruits plus veggies with high water content can give it diarrhea. Pears, apples also zucchini are some great alternatives. Wash the food plus cut it into small pieces that is are manageable to your pet. Place them in a shallow dish. Remember any water container, as nicely.

6 Put plenty of toys with your gerbil in its cage. Gerbils are just like kids; they love to play. A few clear, lightly colored balls are a good choice. In addition, provide your gerbil in something to chew up on, so its teeth won’t grow too extended. Gerbils enjoy toilet paper rolls to run through and chew up on. Gerbils as well appreciate some nice branches to climb plus chew up on.

Tips & Warnings

Make convinced that anything you place in a gerbil’s cage is safe and sound also nontoxic, since it will chew on everything.
Usually remember to maintain any lid on your gerbil cage, because they can jump. Mesh works nicely also provides adequate ventilation at the same free time.
Don’t make use of cedar shavings, pine shavings or sawdust in a gerbil home.
Don’t set the gerbil home in direct sunlight.