Buy Rap Instrumental Beats

Rap instrumentals are the background music that you hear on a rap song. Most rappers use rap instrumentals from songs that are already out by popular artists then record there lyrics over the beat. Those types of recording are usually used for mixtapes or battles but when it comes to making an album, a rapper will want an original beat not a rap instrumental that has been used before. And there in lies the problem. If you put out an album or a project you are going to want to have original beats not industry rap instrumentals. An emcee is going to want to be as original as possible and using beats that have been heard before is not the way to go.

Exclusive hip hop beats are a great option in the event you have the budget, as these types of rap instrumentals are more costly, but you will have a fully produced track that no one else has, which is the key. Listen to the quality of the song first. Exclusive beats are anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars.

Now with Exclusive Beats, you get a whole lot of new benefits, again differing from producer to producer, from site to site, but again Exclusive Beat License covers the following points in most cases: you own the beat, the producer can’t resell it anymore. You own the rights to the beat, so if the song you made goes viral, you can sell unlimited copies. You get the beat in mp3, wav, and track-outs format so you will have an even higher quality track. You don’t have to, in most cases give credit to the producer anymore. The price of an Exclusive Beat is considerably higher than Leased Beats, usually $150 up to $250.

In most cases you will find exclusives at $500 and go in to the thousands but you can find some exceptions, like for instance where you’ll find producers selling their exclusives for $150 up to even $350. An exclusive license fundamentally allows the artist to be the only one that can legally use the beat. There are many sites popping up all over the internet that will allow you to buy exclusive rap beats and rap instrumentals, so check around until you find the beats that you believe fits you.

By setting the mood, elevating the message of the rapper, and helping to set the styles of the hip hop artists using them, exclusive instrumentals for rap are very valuable, and almost a requirement for the artist planning to distribute, and market their album releases to generate sales. Without them, most artists would sound like other artists, and it would be very difficult to brand yourself as a rapper or singer if you sounded like the next several people. Exclusive instrumentals help change that, and show why they should be a part of your next mixtape or album release. Buy exclusive beats for sale and exclusive instrumentals on today!

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