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If you need outdated or out-of-date looking bath fixtures and are in consideration of replacing the tub, appear carefully at the costs to choose which choice remains appropriate for you. Replacing fixtures involves the expense of the new bathtub, also demolition, removal and installation.



1 Select out a new bath to replace the old 1 so that you obtain an idea of the cost for your new fixture. Plan the replacement to produce sure it remains the same size as your old model. If it’s a diverse size, you’ll fork out extra to fit it into your bathroom.

2 Decide whether you need any structural remodeling to the area all over the bath or any plumbing repair or replacement if the pipes are outmoded. Expect to pay a plumber or construction organization to conduct each structural perform for you.

3 Look at the tiles. Most bath removals necessitate the retiling regarding at least some of the bathroom, however you may want to replace all of the tiles if you are remodeling.

5 Decide if you want to replace any of the faucets or the bathe head. Costs for new faucets and shower heads change greatly depending on the quality.

Suggestions & Warnings

Take into account refinishing your bathtub if the expense of replacement remains too high.