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The best time to wire some telephone system is, of course, while a building is nevertheless under construction. That way, the wiring may simply be run by way of the walls without every unnecessary drilling plus feeding required. Sadly, most of us don’t maintain that luxury and should feed telephone wire via the ceiling previously on the office. This remains even now relatively easy to carry out if you have most encounter along with wiring. If never, it’s wise to call up a professional.



24-gauge telephone wire
KSU control unit
Wire strippers
Huge washer or other weight for cable
Telephone jack faceplates and screws
Electric drill
Stud finder

1 Decide where you would prefer to set the control unit, or KSU. This unit will assist you manage a multi-line system. Since it’s pretty substantial in size, about 2 feet through 2 feet, any storage room or closet yous some good bet.

2 Draw a diagram of how you’d like to run wire away from the KSU to the areas where you would want to put in telephone jacks. You will need a distinguish cable for each telephone you’d like to hook up, and all must connect directly to the KSU. A circuit formation will not work.

3 Drill a hole in the wall behind the KSU, as careful to avoid studs, water pipes plus other wiring. Use the stud finder if needed. Consequently, feed the string via from the ceiling by way of a mass attached to it. Swing the string until it presents up behind the hole you’ve drilled. After that, tie the additional end regarding the string to the cable. Pull the string out of the hole until you see the conclusion regarding the cable. Untie the string and connect the cable to the KSU. After that, exercise holes near the floor from each spot where you’d like to install a telephone jack. Repeat this procedure to pull the cable through the wall at these locations.

4 Hook up the phone jacks. Use your wire strippers to consider the plastic coating off of the end of every phone cable. You will see that is each contains four separate wires: blue stripes on white, bright stripes on blue, orange stripes on white and bright stripes on blue. The phone jack will contain green, red, black and yellowish wires. Wrap the wire wires around the screws within the similar order since listed in this paragraph. For example, blue stripes on whitened goes with green.

5 Screw or nail confront plates to the wall to insure the phone jacks. Then, plug with your telephones. Verify each with a dial tone to make of course all wires are linked properly to the phone program.

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