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Play some Root Position C# Triad on the 6th String

The root position C# triad on the sixth string is a relatively uncomplicated voicing that may be learned by any beginning-to-intermediate guitarist. Not only is this chord easy to finger, but it additionally can aid you navigate by means of each and every tune that contains any C# chord or is written from the key of C#. While the root location C# triad on the sixth string begins by means of the pinky finger, it lays nicely on the guitar and does not contain each big stretches that is would generate it tough to grab with the remaining turn.



How to Play some Root Position C# Triad on the 6th String

2 Location your left-hand ring finger on the eighth fret regarding the fifth string to sound the note E# (F), which is the third of the chord.

3 Position your remaining-hand index finger on the sixth fret of the fourth string to produce the fifth of the chord, the note G#. Ag.

4 Strum or pluck all 3 notes to sound the root position C# triad on the sixth string. Refer to the example if needed.

5 Steer clear of hitting the top three strings, like they are not a component of this chord voicing.

Tips & Warnings

Thinking regarding a C# root position triad as a C triad with all of your left-palm fingers awake one particular fret will make it easier to remember when you’re first learning to perform this chord.